Multiple Image Cropper

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React Multiple Image Cropper

React Multiple image cropper

This application allows users to crop images and download cropped images. It is developed using the React library and some other packages.



  1. Clone this repository to a local folder:

  2. Go to the project folder: cd react-multiple-image-cropper

  3. Install the required dependencies: npm install

  4. Start the application: npm start


  1. Open the address where the application runs in your browser.

  2. Select the images to crop by clicking the \"Select Image\" button.Adjust the cropping area for each image and complete the cropping process.

  3. Preview the cropped images and download them by clicking the \"Download Crop\" button.

  4. Click the \"Download All\" button to download all images in one archive.

  5. Click the \"Reset\" button to crop the new images.

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